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Image: Creating Trisha Baxter — Soft Places to Dream
Vlog | Beyond the Classroom: Snuggled Up Inc.

Trisha Baxter, NorthridgeEA | By That Ohio Vibe — When Trisha learned that cold sleepless nights were a problem for half of the students in her class, she decided to do something about it by founding Snuggled Up, Inc. Now, the impact she’s making outside the school building is having a lifelong effect on her students, their families, and the community.

American Education Week — Keeping Students Safe & Secure

During American Education Week (Nov. 12-16, 2018), the OEA is taking the opportunity to raise awareness of, and to help eliminate the stigma of managing a disability or mental illness. To learn more about where OEA members collectively stand on the issues….

12,631 Thank-Yous! — Happy National ESPs Day

Happy National Education Support Professionals Day | #WeLoveOurESP | #AEW2018 | The Ohio Education Association is extending a hearty thank you to each of our 12,631 Education Support Professionals (ESPs) in recognition of 2018 National Education Support Professionals Day.

About Last Tuesday Night….

By OEA President Becky Higgins | Let me get right to the point – the election results were deeply disappointing. We had a very good candidate for Governor in Rich Cordray. As we analyze the election to inform future strategies, we’ll also be re-doubling our efforts to address the issues that our members care about.

OEA #RedForEd T-Shirts!

Order a custom OEA #RedForED t-shirt today. Only $15.00 | We’re calling on all Ohio educators and support professionals to wear red every Wednesday!

You Cannot Silence the Voice of Working People

Teaching children is pretty wonderful. This has been my passion and in the 19 years that I taught, I learned from and have been inspired by my colleagues. I have also been moved by the actions of fellow union members …

This Does Not Compute

My hands hovered over the keyboard as my brain caught up to what my fingers had just typed. Did I really just make that comment to a student? “The computer won’t know that this fragment works as part of your …

An Open Letter to the Survivors of the Stoneman Douglas Shooting

One of the most painful and gut-wrenching things I have ever done is watch the video that one of you took as the police came to lead you out of your building.  School shootings have always had a deep impact …

Image: Voices of Change
OEA Discussion Board Rules

Every social media site and website has its own rules, and these are our rules for participating in Voices of Change’s discussions and comments. First and foremost: Play nice. It flies counter to the fundamental purpose of blogs to censor …

The Sound of Silence … Worth the Consequences?

One of the first lessons a child learns in school is to listen and be quiet. Silence is often desired in schools, unless we ask for participation. But lately, I’m beginning to wonder if we are doing our students a …

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