OEA Awards & Scholarships

2018-2019 OEA Award & Scholarship Recipients

2018-2019 Awardees and Scholarships

(Pictured above, l-r) Mona Al-Hayani, Ohio Teacher of Year; Leila Kubesch, Media Award for Public Service; Andrea Beeman, ESP of the Year; Aisha Moore, Holloways Award; Rosemary Chewning, ESP Aspiring Teacher; April Archer Bailey, Marilyn Cross Scholarship; Marissa Platton, JFK Scholarship; and, Nicholas Crevda, Jean Kershaw Scholarship.

OEA is pleased to celebrate, honor, and reward the outstanding work of our members and local affiliates who have made special contributions to the improvement of public education.

The OEA will lead the way for continuous improvement of public education while advocating for members and the learners they serve.

Special Notes

  • We recommend careful review of the eligibility guidelines as they vary by program type.
  • All awards and scholarships will be presented during the OEA Spring Representative Assembly.
  • The Committee reserves the right to present no award or to refer an applicant to another award or scholarship.

Additional OEA Awards & Grants

OEA Affiliate Grants

  1. One-Year Special Project
  2. Two-Year Special Project
  3. Effective Locals
  4. Release Time

Four Funding Opportunities

  1. Diversity Program Funding Grant
  2. Innovation Program Funding Grant
  3. Whisper Fund Grants
  4. Make-A-Wish® / Adopt-A-Wish

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Unless otherwise noted, applications (and forms) must be submitted by January 24, 2020. Click here to download a print-friendly summary of the many OEA Awards and Scholarship opportunities.

  • NEA-R Jack Kinnaman Scholarship
  • NEA Foundation awards over 150 grants to support educators’ efforts to close the achievement gaps, develop creative learning opportunities for students, and enhance their own professional development.