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OEA Supports Governor’s Decision to Extend School Closures

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) believes Governor DeWine made the right decision today to extend the closure of Ohio’s schools for the remainder of the school year to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

OEA Welcomes Today’s Actions by State lawmakers

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) commends the unanimous votes today by both chambers of the General Assembly on a comprehensive coronavirus relief package that includes important provisions that impact Ohio’s public schools.

OEA and OFT express concern about possible adverse impact of proposed new 2020 primary date

The presidents of the Ohio Education Association and the Ohio Federation of Teachers today sent a letter to the state’s elected leaders about the possible adverse impact on public schools of the proposed new date for the state’s 2020 primary.

Ohio Education Association Supports Governor’s Decision on School Closures

[March 12, 2020] The Ohio Education Association (OEA) stands ready to work with state leaders and local school districts to ensure that all students and staff are in a healthy and safe environment.

OEA votes to support $13 minimum wage ballot issue

Members of the Ohio Education Association (OEA) Board of Directors voted unanimously to support a ballot proposal that would raise Ohio’s minimum wage to $13 by 2025, an increase that would benefit more than 1.4 million workers.

OEA supports House Plan for EdChoice Vouchers

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) strongly supports the Ohio Representatives’ plan for EdChoice Vouchers

OEA applauds House vote to fix voucher problem

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) said today it welcomes yesterday’s House vote to resolve the still looming crisis that could make more than 1200 public schools eligible for EdChoice vouchers based on a flawed state report card system.

OEA calls for sweeping changes to state report cards

Members of the Ohio Education Association (OEA) voted unanimously at their December 7th Representative Assembly to recommend a set of comprehensive reforms to the state report card system.

OEA: State Report Cards Continue to Mislead

“It is past time to end the use of confusing and misleading state report cards in Ohio,” said OEA President Scott DiMauro. “We need a new report card system that is fair, informative and transparent.”

Columbus Education Assoc. Reaches Conceptual Agreement

Columbus Education Association reaches comprehensive conceptual agreement with Columbus City Schools on new labor contract

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