Ohio Student Education Association

Logo: OSEA LogoOhio Student Education Association is a professional organization of undergraduate and graduate students preparing for careers in education.

Members benefit from professional development workshops, a spring conference, legal services, money-saving benefits, legislation and lobbying, and networking. Members are also active on campus and in the community.

OSEA Membership Enrollment

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OEA/NEA Student Program Benefits

  • The opportunity to serve as an OSEA delegate to OEA, and NEA Representative Assemblies.
  • OSEA representation on all OEA Committees and on the OEA Board of Directors.
  • Educator Access discount program
  • Low-interest credit cards
  • Discounts on magazine subscriptions and car rentals
  • Mortgage plan with low down payment options
  • Early-start investment plan for retirement
  • Affordable life, health insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Book Discounts
  • $20 Dues Rebate After Graduation
  • Scholarships
  • Professional Workshops and Conferences
  • OEA and NEA Publications
  • Community Outreach
  • Legal Services
  • Technical Support and Assistance
  • Legislation and Lobbying
  • Save 18% on Sprint PCS Service

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