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About OEA Secretary-Treasurer Mark Hill

Portrait: OEA Secretary/Treasurer- Elect Mark Hill
OEA Secretary/Treasurer- Elect Mark Hill. ( Photo by Tim Revell)

Mark Hill, elected in spring 2018, is serving his first three-year term as OEA Secretary-Treasurer. He is a 30-year educator with Worthington City Schools, serving as a middle school math teacher.

From 2010-2018, he served as president of the Worthington Education Association (WEA). In his freshman year as WEA president, he led his local local in joining the successful repeal of Senate Bill 5 (SB5), an attack to collective bargaining.

It was during this period he was twice-elected to the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) board. Again, he demonstrated strong leadership in his roles as vice chair and chair respectively. Along with the board, he worked to bring long-term sustainability to the pension fund. His second 4-year term with STRS concludes August 31. 2018.

Mark has also served as a member of the OEA Board of Directors and as chair of numerous Central OEA/NEA committees as well as chair of the OEA Resolutions Committee.

Mark believes it is critical that OEA supports its local associations and their leaders because they shape members’ impressions of the value of membership. In these dynamic times, Mark’s experienced leadership will be vital as he directs OEA’s budget priorities toward an even stronger association.

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Local Treasurer Resources

The OEA Treasurer’s Handbook has been specifically designed to provide local treasurers a resource guide to assist in performing their assigned duties and operate within the Ohio Education Association business environment.