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Scott DiMauro

About Scott DiMauro

A high school social studies teacher from Worthington, DiMauro is currently serving his second term as president having served as OEA Vice President from 2013-2019.

He chose to become a teacher in order to give students the critical thinking and decision-making skills they need to be successful citizens in our democratic society. It was only natural, then, that he chose to become actively involved in his local union in order to advocate for his students, fellow educators, and a vibrant system of public education.

Prior to becoming a full-time OEA officer, Scott served for nine years as President of Central OEA/NEA, and has experience as president of his local, a member of his local bargaining team, chairperson of Central’s leadership and professional development programs, as well as political action coordinator. He also led the NEA Legislative Committee for three years.

As vice president, Scott served as co-chair of the Healthcare and Pension Advocates for STRS and represents OEA’s 122,000 members on a variety of coalition boards and steering committees.

In 2018, he led the efforts to publish the OEA Commission on Student Success, which lays out a comprehensive vision for high quality education for all students and lay the groundwork for positive implementation of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act in Ohio.


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