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How to join the Ohio Student Education Association

Postsecondary students majoring in education and public school employees who have retired or are close to retiring can join OEA!

Student Membership is available if you are enrolled in a postsecondary program that is preparatory for employment in a position that will make you eligible for Active (teacher) membership in the NEA. Enrollment for the current membership year is offered online from the start of the membership year, September 1, through the end of May. Beginning June 1, the online system accepts applications for enrollment for the next membership year, however you can still enroll for the current year by submitting a paper enrollment form and check payment.

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OSEA Membership Benefits

There are many advantages of being a part of the OEA/NEA Student Program. Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to serve as an OSEA delegate to OEA, and NEA Representative Assemblies.
  • OSEA representation on all OEA Committees and on the OEA Board of Directors.
  • Educator Access discount program
  • Low-interest credit cards
  • Discounts on magazine subscriptions and car rentals
  • Mortgage plan with low down payment options
  • Early-start investment plan for retirement
  • Affordable life, health insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Book Discounts
  • $20 Dues Rebate After Graduation
  • Scholarships
  • Professional Workshops and Conferences
  • OEA and NEA Publications
  • Community Outreach
  • Legal Services
  • Technical Support and Assistance
  • Legislation and Lobbying
  • Save 18% on Sprint PCS Service

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How to Join OEA-Retired

Your first year of membership in OEA-R is free (courtesy of OEA) when you join the National Education Association-Retired. Membership in NEA-R is $30 per year. After your first year of free OEA-R membership, you will pay only $45 per year for your unified OEA-R/NEA-R membership.

OEA-R also offers a life membership for $100. OEA life members are automatically OEA-R life members. NEA life members are NOT automatically NEA-R life members. NEA-R life membership is available for $250, payable in one payment. To join online and pay with a credit card or download a paper enrollment form and mail in with a check payment.

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Pre-retired life membership is available to active members at any time. The unified life membership in both OEA-R and NEA-R is $350.

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Pre-retired members should contact OEA Membership Services when they retire to become a retired member. For additional information on how you can stay involved in your profession, contact the OEA-R Liaison at (800) 282-1500 or (614) 228-4526.

OEA-R Membership Benefits

Retirees: Membership in OEA-R keeps retirees involved! Stay in touch with professional developments and your colleagues, make new friends, and make your retirement dollars go further with membership in OEA-R/NEA-R.  (The only organization of retirees affiliated with the Ohio Education Association and the National Education Association).

Over the years, OEA efforts, with the support of NEA, have brought about the creation of STRS, retirement severance pay, the right to purchase annuities, STRS cost of living factors, early retirement incentives, improved SERS benefits, STRS survivor benefits and much more, including protection from mandatory participation in the Social Security System.  Retired education professionals need continued advocacy of their benefits and viewpoints.

Membership in OEA-R/NEA-R provides you with an active, organized proponent voice for improved benefits for retired education employees.  Your participation also will keep you in touch with the statewide and national activities of your peers and your profession.  In addition, your interests at the statewide level are represented by the OEA-R Advisory Council, a governing body with elected representatives from each OEA District that meets at least three times annually.

The benefits of membership in OEA-R include:

  • Legal services
  • Educator Access discount program
  • OEA-R representation on all OEA Committees and on the OEA Board of Directors.
  • The opportunity to serve as an OEA-R delegate to District, OEA, and NEA Representative Assemblies.
  • Participation in OEA-R regional, district, and statewide meetings.
  • The opportunity to serve as an OEA-R representative on District committees.
  • Liability insurance
  • Exclusive health and homeowners Insurance
  • Affordable life, travel and accident Insurance
  • Credit cards with low annual percentage rates and no annual fee
  • Above average income and retirement investments
  • Affordable long-term care insurance.
  • Low-interest credit through NEA Line of Credit and the NEA Credit Plan
  • Discounts on magazines and car rentals
  • The NEA Home Financing Program
  • OEA and NEA Publications, including the quarterly NEA-R publication, This Active Life: A Magazine for NEA-Retired Members.

For more information on the benefits of OEA-R/NEA-R membership, download the OEA-R brochure