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Sen. Huffman Introduces Senate Bill 216; Wide-Range of Public Education Provisions

October 12, 2017

Ohio state Senator Matt Huffman (R-Lima) has introduced Senate Bill 216. The bill would make a variety of changes to Ohio law regarding continuing contracts for non-teaching employees, teacher licensure and evaluation, aide permits, student testing, and the college credit plus program.

OEA is reviewing the bill and will urge that any provision that is contrary to the interests of OEA members and the learners they serve be removed from the bill.

Senate Bill 216 contains the following provisions:

Non-teacher continuing contracts:

  • Lengthens the service time for a non-teaching continuing contract from three years to seven years.

Educator Licensure:

  • Consolidates teacher licenses into two grade bands (K-8 and 6-12).
  • Allows a superintendent to employ an individual holding an educator license to teach a subject area or grade level for which the person is not licensed.
  • Educational aide permits and educational paraprofessional licenses are only required for individuals working in federally-funded programs.
  • Nonteaching employees whose services are needed to substitute for educational assistants shall not be required to hold a permit or license.
  • Establishes one substitute license (no long term and short term).
  • Removes the requirement for 30 hours of professional development for teachers instructing gifted children.

Educator evaluation:

  • Generally, the bill implements the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) reform recommendations of the Educator Standards Board (ESB). The ESB made six recommendations: 1) update the OTES rubric, 2) embed student growth measures in the revised OTES rubric, 3) remove shared attribution, 4) embed the alternative framework components as sources of evidence in the revised OTES rubric, 5) tailor the structure and timing of observations to meet the improvement and growth needs of teachers, and 6) provide a professional growth process for teachers rated Accomplished and Skilled.
Note: OEA supports the OTES reforms recommended by the ESB. OEA is working with Senate Education Committee Chair Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering) on a separate bill that is focused solely on implementing the OTES reforms recommended by the ESB. Chair Lehner’s OTES reform bill is expected to be introduced next week. OEA will strongly support that bill.

Student testing:

  • Eliminates kindergarten diagnostic tests.
  • Allows option for paper tests on state assessments for student in grades 3-5.

College-credit plus (CCP):

  • Student required to take CCP course at school district if offered there.


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