Join the Movement!


The Columbus Education Association, representing 4,300 classroom teachers and education professionals in Columbus City Schools, is bargaining for a new union contract that will directly impact the learning conditions of more than 50,000 Columbus City Schools students.

Teachers are fighting for the schools that #ColumbusStudentsDeserve, including:

Reduced Class Sizes and Caseloads

#ColumbusStudentsDeserve class sizes and caseloads that allow educators to provide the individualized attention every student needs to succeed. No student gets the attention they need in a kindergarten classroom of 29 students or a middle school classroom of 35 students, or a high school classroom of 36.

Funding Schools & Saving Taxpayers Money by Ending Handouts to Wealthy Corporations

#ColumbusStudentsDeserve well-funded, properly staffed and maintained schools. When the city and district approve huge tax breaks for wealthy corporations that don’t need them, they drain our schools of resources and shift the burden to individual taxpayers

Ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline by Expanding Alternative Programs for Discipline

#ColumbusStudentsDeserve alternative programs for discipline, including the restoration of “PEAK” at the middle and high school level and the expansion of the “Options For Success” program. Our union is committed to creating safe learning environments for students and educators while supporting proven, effective programs that divert students from the school-to-prison pipeline.

Improving Access to Student Support Professionals by Staffing Adequately

#ColumbusStudentsDeserve access to the support they need when they need it. This includes adequate staffing of Counselors, Social Workers, Nurses, and other Support Professionals. Currently, each highly-qualified Library Media Specialist is shared by two middle schools and up to eleven elementary schools.

Designing Schools to Reflect a Commitment to Art, Music & P.E.

#ColumbusStudentsDeserve a dedicated space for art, music, and P.E. Study after study confirms the importance of these “specials”, but many of our school buildings do not reflect this. A real commitment to a well-rounded education means dedicated space for these activities in each building.

Reducing Teacher Turnover by Compensating Educators as Professionals

#ColumbusStudentsDeserve schools that can recruit and retain the best educators in a stable, consistent learning environment. In Columbus City Schools, nearly one-third of all full-time educators hired since the 2012-2013 school year have since left the district.

I am standing with Columbus teachers by joining the #ColumbusStudentsDeserve movement!

Note: In solidarity, names on this petition may be made public and distributed to support the #ColumbusStudentsDeserve Campaign.