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2020 Retirement Board Training Scholarships Available

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The work of the Ohio Educational Foundation is to fund initiatives that enhance student learning, student achievement, and well being, as well as promote social justice. Its Board of Directors is pleased to introduce four funding opportunities available to all OEA members.

2020-2021 OEA Paul Swaddling Peace and International Relations Award

2018-2019 OEA Paul Swaddling Peace and International Relations Award. Paul Swaddling was a teacher for over 20 years in the Berea City Schools located in northeastern Ohio. His personal and professional life exemplified a commitment to his two great passions: education and peace.

2020-2021 OEA Charles A. Glatt — Human and Civil Rights Award

The Ohio Education Association recognizes achievements in human relations and related intercultural activities that impact children, communities, the educational process, and/or the United Education Profession by presenting the OEA Charles A. Glatt — Human and Civil Rights Award. Dr. Charles …

2020-2021 Holloways — Human and Civil Rights Award

The Holloways Award is presented to an individual OEA member for outstanding contributions to the promotion or execution of excellent human relations skills and interpersonal relationships as modeled by example.

OEA Awards and Scholarships

The upcoming January 22, 2021 deadline is quickly approaching for many OEA awards & scholarships.

Fact Finder for the Ohio Teacher

The Teacher Contract Ohio teachers work under one of two basic types of contracts–limited or continuing. Limited contracts must be renewed periodically. State statute or your collective bargaining agreement determine the procedure the employer must use to non-renew a limited …

2020-2021 OEA Friend of Education Award

The 2018-2019 OEA Friend of Education Award recognizes a person and/or organization whose leadership, actions, and support have contributed to the improvement of public education on a statewide and/or national level. Past recipients include a U.S. Senator, U.S. Representatives, and a corporation.

2020-2021 OEA Marilyn Cross Scholarship

The $4,000 OEA Marilyn Cross Scholarship is presented to an OEA member and career teacher enrolled in a graduate- level program directly linked to his/her current area of licensure. The recipient must provide an annual statement describing their employment and …

2020-2021 OEA Blue Ribbon Association Award

2018-2019 Blue Ribbon Association Award recognizes a local OEA affiliate that shown themselves to be true advocates of public education and its employees. Recipients also receive a $1,000 monetary award.