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Image: #OEA2020 Debate
Engage With OEA During 4th Democratic Presidential Primary Debate

“The OEA officers and two members chosen for their activism and past FCPE* participation will be watching the action — we’re going to be interacting with the candidates, and we want to hear from you,” said OEA President Scott DiMauro. “Join the OEA conversation on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtag #OEA2020.”

Image: Scott DiMauro Legislative Testimony
Legislative Testimony on HB 70 — State Takeover Law

Members of the Senate Education Committee, on behalf of the OEA’s 123,000 members, The draft bill under consideration makes a variety of proposals intended to address ongoing problems with the Ohio law (HB 70) authorizing state takeovers of local school districts. The major shortcoming of the draft bill continues to be the lack of checks-and-balances.

Image: Distressed student surrounded by books
Keep House-passed Language on Repealing Flawed State Takeover Law

Pres. Becky Higgins: “We urge the Senate to keep the language in the House-passed budget that is part of HB 154 and that would do away with state-mandated Academic Distress Commissions.”

Image: Sad Graduate
Ohio Senate Testimony: the Proposed Graduation Requirements’ Amendment

OEA is opposed to the amendment as it is currently written. Students should be able to demonstrate what they know in ways other than a standardized test. A child is more than a test score. Ohio’s graduation requirements should reflect this as well.

Former OEA Members Working to Dismantle State Takeover Law

State Representatives Joseph A.  Miller III (D-Amherst) and Don Jones (R-Freeport) recently announced they will soon introduce bipartisan legislation to repeal portions of House Bill 70 — the state takeover bill.

OEA Legislative Watch
Legislative Watch

OEA LEGISLATIVE WATCH — Extending Alt. Graduation Pathways | Restoration of OPERS Credit for DD Employees | Proposed HJR 19 Constitutional amendment making it more difficult to pass amendments met with sharp criticism as an attack on direct democracy.

Workers & Retirees at Ohio Statehouse, Protest Pension Cuts & Pressure Congress to Act

The committee is charged with developing a consensus solution to the multi-employer pension crisis affecting families across America.

Logo: Strong OEA = Strong Public Schools
Stand Strong for Public Education…Together, We Can!

Together, we are continuing the fight for strong public schools by strengthening our locals and demonstrating value and relevance to our members.

OEA Legislative Scorecard

When it comes to public education, OEA members are the experts, and they have a right and a need to be heard. The legislative scorecard reflects each member of the Ohio General Assembly.