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NEA ESP Leaders for Tomorrow

Applications Due March 22, 2017 What is NEA ESP Leaders for Tomorrow? The NEA Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT) program is an intensive, hands–on leadership development program intended to train NEA Education Support Professional (ESP) members to be strong local leaders. …

Bargaining OSCES

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Once a Union is Formed

Negotiating a Contract Once the company recognizes the union (via card check) or the union wins an NLRB election, the company and union must negotiate a contract which spells out terms of employment for those workers eligible for the contract. …

Your Right to Organize

The right to have a union, support a union, and engage in union activity is protected by State and Federal law. It is illegal for management to harass, intimidate, punish, or fire anyone for exercising your legally protected right to organize.

Tools to Assist Local Presidents

A variety of tools are available to local association presidents to help them carry out leadership functions and to familiarize them with OEA operations and services. The following tools are available from the specified OEA departments listed below. Regular communications …

OEA Governance Documents

2016-2017 OEA Resolution Report 2016-2017 OEA Amended And Restated Constitution & Bylaws 2016-2017 Legislative Policies For Achieving Excellence In Education

Bargaining Nondiscrimination

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Bargaining 403(b) Special Pay Plans

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Bargaining College Credit Plus

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Bargaining Salary

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