Stop Forcing Taxpayers to Subsidize Failing Charter Schools

According to The Columbus Dispatch, 87% of the students attending charter schools in Ohio are in a charter school that is graded D or F by the state.

Despite that sorry record, they continue to drain needed resources from local public schools. Because the state does not provide sufficient funding to cover the per pupil costs for students who attend a charter school, local school districts in many instances are compelled to use local tax dollars to make up the difference.

This is unfair.

No one asked the local taxpayers if they approve of this scheme. More and more school districts are voicing their opposition by seeking reimbursement from the state for money lost to charter schools.

Join educators, administrators and parents across Ohio in urging state lawmakers to change the way in which charter schools are funded so that local taxpayers no longer have to foot any part of the bill.

To: Ohio lawmakers
From: [Your Name]

Local taxpayers should not have to pay to support failing charter schools. I urge to to change the way in which charter schools are funded.