Unite to oppose House Bill 616

HB 616 Doubles-Down on State Censorship; Combines “Don’t Say Gay” and “Divisive Concept” Prohibitions

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) condemns House Bill 616. This bill is an attempt to double-down on the worst parts of Ohio House Bill 327, the anti-freedom ‘divisive concepts bill,’ by adding the worst parts of Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill into the new proposed language. OEA believes HB 616 is reprehensible on every level.

“House Bill 616 represents yet another example of how a national network of extremists is seeking to hijack the education conversation in our state to control a political narrative and distract Ohioans from the real issues facing our public schools,” Ohio Education Association President Scott DiMauro said.

HB 616 would have a serious chilling effect on student learning and Ohio’s education profession, which is facing a growing recruitment crisis. Despite increasing difficulty to attract qualified new educators to our classrooms, Ohio lawmakers are sending exactly the wrong message with this attack on the state’s current and future education workforce.

HB 616 will harm students, teachers, public schools, and Ohio’s future. For an OEA bill analysis, click here.

TAKE ACTION: Please adapt the sample letter to express your opposition to the bill to your state representative.