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Every day OEA works to improve public education for our students and our members. Our strength lies in collective action. With over 122,000 members, we can affect policy to improve public education for students and the educators who serve them. Letters, emails, petitions, and phone calls from you often make the crucial difference.

Current Actions

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Take action on expansion of EdChoice vouchers

There has been an explosion in the number of statewide EdChoice vouchers. The number of districts that have school buildings eligible for vouchers has increased from 40 to 139 over the last year. The problem will only get worse if …

Image: Collective Bargaining
Protect Collective Bargaining and Local Control

The State Takeover law still removes local control of public schools and denies collective bargaining rights for educators based on biased and misleading state report cards.

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Urge Your Legislators to Get Graduation Right

The Senate-passed budget bill (House Bill 166) includes new long-term graduation requirements based on a plan put forward by Ohio Excels. OEA opposes this plan as currently written as it has an overly rigid reliance on high-stakes testing. Take Action with this sample to tell your legislators to get graduation right for Ohio’s students.

No to State Takeovers
Urge the Conference Committee to Keep HB 154 Language in the State Budget Bill

This is our last chance to advocate for the inclusion of the House-passed HB 154 ADC language in the state budget bill. TAKE ACTION by adapting the sample letter provided.

Urge your Sen. to Oppose Voucher Provisions in the Sub. Budget Bill (HB 166)

The Senate’s substitute bill includes several provisions related to the EdChoice voucher program that serve to expand the eligibility, availability, and cost of vouchers.  OEA opposes these changes. OEA believes these funds would be better applied to the approximately 90% of students who attend Ohio’s local public schools.

Thank you
Thank Your Representative for Supporting HB 239 — Testing Reduction Act

Important legislation was recently introduced to address over-testing of Ohio’s students. The listed State Representatives support this bill and is one of the cosponsors! Please take time say “thank you” by clicking here.

Urge Your Representative to Support HB 239 — Testing Reduction Act

As educators, we’re greatly concerned about the amount of testing that Ohio’s students endure. Excessive testing has led to a loss of instructional time in the classroom and lost educational opportunities for students. Urge your legislators to support the bipartisan legislation HB 239 — the Testing Reduction Act.

Stop Forcing Taxpayers to Subsidize Failing Charter Schools

According to The Columbus Dispatch, 87% of the students attending charter schools in Ohio are in a charter school that is graded D or F by the state. Despite that sorry record, they continue to drain needed resources from local public schools. Join educators, administrators and parents across Ohio in urging state lawmakers to change the way in which charter schools are funded so that local taxpayers no longer have to foot any part of the bill.