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What OEA is All About

OEA Vision:

The Ohio Education Association is the hallmark for excellence in education.

OEA members know first-hand the difference a quality education makes in a child's life.  As the professionals who work with Ohio's students every day OEA members have chosen to devote their careers to public education.  As public education employees, OEA members are advocates for children and public education.  All active or retired OEA members -- whether they're teachers, secretaries, bus drivers, nurses, support professionals, or JVS or higher education faculty -- care about students.

Unfortunately, there are individuals and organizations that don't share the same enthusiasm or commitment to children and public education.  Anti-public education forces pose profound threats to public education and the vision members have for the well-being of Ohio's students and schools.  When it comes to public education, nothing happens in isolation.  All decisions affecting schools and education are political decisions.  Elected officials not only control the purse strings of public schools, they control issues that deeply affect students as well as OEA members.

OEA members have a vantage point that is truly unique.  Members see public education not only as it is, but also as what it can and should be because they, as the professionals, know what works, and what doesn't.

When it comes to public education, OEA members are the experts, and they have a right and a need to be heard.  That's what OEA's political and lobbying programs are all about.  Political action is one of the most important ways members can affect the future for students and school employees.  OEA's political efforts have always been driven by members, for members and students, and for the improvement of public education.

OEA's Fund for Children and Public Education is designed to help protect children by advancing the cause of public education in Ohio.  In addition to supporting a wide range of activities that strengthen public education and help  students, it also works to bolster member rights and benefits.  Our workplace is a child's learning place, and improvements enhance a child's educational experience and consequently, his or her future.

OEA's Fund for Children and Public Education is issue-driven, not candidate-driven, or party-driven.  For years, OEA has made political recommendations without respect to party affiliation but rather, on the basis of key education issues.

OEA believes that for those whose business is public education, activism is an obligation.

OEA's mission is to lead the way for the continuous improvement of public education while advocating for our members and the students we serve.  We always have, and always will, work to that end.  Through OEA's more than 150 year history OEA members have been involved in every struggle and effort to advance the finest of America's dreams:  a quality public education for every child.

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