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Voters First Coalition Submits Over 450,000 Signatures to Put Constitutional Amendment on the Ballot

This November, VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2!

It's a new year.
It's a new fight.
It's a different Issue 2.

This November voters have the chance to bring common-sense reform to Ohio’s broken redistricting system – by voting YES on Issue 2. For too long politicians in our state have had the power to draw their own districts and gerrymander Ohio’s legislative maps, to the point where our elected officials are not accountable to us, the Ohio voters.

The Voters First Amendment, on the November ballot as Issue 2, ensures every Ohio voter’s right to fair, competitive elections by replacing the current system — where politicians draw their own legislative and congressional districts—with an independent, non-partisan Citizens Commission that will draw new districts out in the open for everyone to see. The Citizens Commission will include equal numbers of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Politicians, lobbyists and political insiders are not permitted to serve on the commission.

  • If you are tired of politics as usual, Vote YES on Issue 2.
  • Issue 2 makes redistricting more accountable, fair and impartial.
  • Issue 2 ensures that no political party or special interest can rig the system to  their own advantage.
  • Issue 2 is a big step in the right direction towards fixing a broken system.

Vote YES on Issue 2 to approve the Voters First Amendment. A YES on Issue 2 will finally let voters choose their politicians instead of politicians picking their voters.

This year it's
YES on Issue 2!

  • Voters First is a common-sense reform that is an important step in the right direction.
  • It makes how we re-draw district lines more accountable, transparent and balanced.
  • Neither party can unfairly dominate state politics or rig the system to their own advantage.
  • Voters First sends a message that Ohioans are tired of politics as usual.

It’s time for “we the people” to change the system and it can be done with a simple change: the voters should pick their elected officials instead of the politicians picking their voters.

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