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Third Grade Reading Guarantee - Act Now

Third Grade Reading Guarantee - Act Now!

The OEA has received numerous communications from members about the recently-passed Third Grade Reading Guarantee, particularly related to the new requirements for teachers. In response to two Action Alerts sent out by Government Relations in the last couple of weeks, OEA members have sent over 1,500 correspondences to legislators with their concerns about the law. Although we are pleased to see so many members taking political action on the issue, we must continue to put pressure on legislators to improve the law. 

Currently, there is legislation pending in the Ohio House (Senate Bill 21) that we believe improves the law and provides greater flexibility to the current teacher requirements. We are encouraging our members to support Senate Bill 21 and pressure the House to pass it out for the Governor’s signature.

Given the Kasich Administration and supermajorities in both chambers of the legislature, the Third Grade Reading Guarantee is most likely here to stay. However, with your support, we believe we can make improvements to it. Remember that who we elect matters. That is why it is so critical for OEA members to become engaged in legislative debates, become politically active and work to elect pro-public education public officeholders in the future.


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