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Teacher Evaluation Resources

Teacher Evaluation Resources

This section contains materials focused on the evaluation of teachers who fall under the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES), pursuant to 3319.111 and 3319.112 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The OEA December Representative Assembly passed a New Business Item to create a draft/model language for collective bargaining agreements on teacher evaluation.

In January 2013, the OEA Board of Directors adopted a New Business Item to outline further specifics needed as guidance for local associations.

The pages within this section include model language for teacher evaluation and collective bargaining agreements, along with important state policy information and references to help local teams in their work on evaluations, especially in shaping board evaluation policy and sharing information with local members.

In order to see all the materials in this section, you must log in to the OEA website.

In this section:

Ohio Teacher Evaluation Policy Information - This page includes references to Ohio law, administrative code guidelines and descriptions of how the evaluation framework applies to public school districts of Ohio. We are also providing the Power Points from the OEA Collective Bargaining Conference.

Bargaining Teacher Evaluation - The materials on this page address the local association’s responsibilities to bargain effectively to ensure both fairness in the teacher evaluation process and the professional growth of members. It includes

  • a legal rationale for the duty of school boards to bargain teacher evaluation,
  • recommendations regarding the content of local school board policy in relation to teacher evaluation
  • guidance and sample language for bargaining the development, implementation and ongoing improvement of the local teacher evaluation system.

Teacher Evaluation Links - This page contains links to websites containing resources, research and general information on teacher evaluation systems that will be useful to you in developing local evaluation policies and in negotiating collective bargaining agreement provisions bearing on evaluations. These links contain references with valuable background, training and learning materials for local members.

NEA Teacher Evaluation Resources

Teacher Evaluation: A Resource Guide for NEA Leaders and Staff (2011)

The purpose of the NEA’s Teacher Evaluation: A Resource Guide for National Education Association Leaders and Staff (2011) is to provide information and resources on the key issues that must be addressed whether one is bargaining or advocating for a state or district comprehensive teacher evaluation system.

Teacher Evaluation Systems: The Window for Opportunity and Reform

NEA commissioned a review of the research literature on teacher evaluation systems, particularly the way in which such systems serve to improve student achievement and narrow achievement gaps. This paper provides a basis for discussing how to design and implement teacher evaluation systems to meet those targets. It offers alternative ways of thinking about evaluation that might move us closer to a link between evaluation and student learning.

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