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Campaign 2012: Take Action

Five Things You Can Do Today to Take Action for Campaign 2012

This is a critical election year on all levels, national state and local. Do you remember the hard work you did to collect 1.3 million signatures in 2011 to defeat Issue 2 to repeal SB 5? Imagine if we had to repeat that process every year?

Clearly, we need more elected officials who can do something to stop the attacks and focus on what really matters – improving our schools with an education reform agenda centered around students.

That cannot happen without our personal involvement. Here are five ways you can get involved right now:

  1. Support Issue 2, the Voters First Amendment
    The legislators that brought you SB 5 went into backrooms and re-drew the Ohio legislative maps to ensure their re-election this year. The citizens' commission created by the Voters First amendment will draw fair maps so that we can have competitive elections. It’s time for “we the people” to change the system and it can be done with a simple change: the voters should pick their elected officials instead of the politicians picking their voters. Vote Yes on Issue 2 in November.

  2. Volunteer for OEA Campaign 2012
    Last year OEA members were critical in the effort to repeal Senate Bill 5 by defeating Issue 2. Now more than ever we need to elect public officials who share our vision and support public schools in Ohio. Pledge to volunteer with OEA Campaign 2012 and help elect pro-public education candidates.

  3. Donate to the OEA/NEA Fund for Children and Public Education
    Get involved and donate to make sure that the Fund for Children and Public Education can fight vigorously on your behalf and ensure a bright and strong future for our students and our members.

  4. Become an Educator for Obama
    While Mitt Romney was standing with John Kasich and others trying to eliminate our collective bargaining rights, President Obama stood beside members of the Ohio Education Association and other public employee unions. President Obama has consistently prioritized funding education jobs and fairness for the middle class. It’s time to speak out for the President’s vision and to work for his re-election. We can make a big difference in Ohio – where our swing-state results will have a huge effect on the outcome of the Presidential election.

  5. Become an Educator for Sherrod
    When special interests attacked the rights of teachers and other public employees, Sherrod Brown was right there to help us fight back against SB 5. He fights for education funding, economical college loans and the opportunities middle class families need. We can make a huge difference in his struggle against Josh Mandel, an inexperienced State Treasurer who favored Senate Bill 5 and the elimination of public employee collective bargaining rights.

Educators discuss why their colleagues need to be involved in political action
Educators discuss why their colleagues need to be involved in political action

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