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Strong Schools, Strong Communities

It’s All About Strong Schools and Strong Communities

Strong Schools, Strong Communities (  )   is a new partnership, formed in late 2012, with a new dimension for local activism. Strong Schools, Strong Communities was created to help us all — students, parents, community members and school administrators — speak out clearly in support of public schools in Ohio.

Strong Schools, Strong Communities is becoming an umbrella group for local communities seeking to build an understanding and appreciation of our system of public schools. The partners in Strong Schools, Strong Communities believe we all win when Ohio public schools thrive. That’s because public schools are an integral fiber in the fabric of our communities. If public schools are weak, the community’s fabric begins to unravel. Our children’s education is crucial, and the success of public schools impacts every aspect of our communities.

The founding partners of the group include:

  • Ohio Education Association
  • Ohio Federation of Teachers
  • Ohio Parent and Teachers Association
  • Ohio Association of School Business Officers
  • Coalition of Ohio Rural and Appalachian Schools
  • Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding
  • The Alliance for Adequacy of School Funding
  • Ohio School Board Association.

Strong Schools, Strong Communities does not have a partisan agenda or a political goal in mind. Instead, OEA and the other partner organizations of Strong Schools, Strong Communities are working to build a strong grass-roots network of supporters who will be ready, willing and able to talk about the many wonderful things happening in our public schools, as well as the challenges we face — an ever-changing curriculum and accountability system, shortage of funding, crowded classrooms, outdated textbooks and the challenge represented by charter schools, “virtual” academies and private school vouchers.

OEA has worked with the other partners in Strong Schools, Strong Communities to prepare the following toolkit for local associations and to use and gather support from parent groups, administrators, business and community leaders, and other members of your local association.

This toolkit includes:

Strong Schools Strong Communities Mission

Strong Schools Strong Communities is a grass roots, citizen driven, non-partisan movement dedicated to informing and engaging Ohioans at the community level to understand, appreciate, and support our system of common public schools.

Strong Schools, Strong Communities

… will promote and protect the ideal and future of traditional common public schools because highly qualified teachers in healthy; safe classrooms prepare young people to be engaged, productive citizens in a Democracy.
… believes in local control of traditional public schools with elected boards open to all children and families because we secure the bond and trust with our communities through openness, accountability and transparency.
… believes strong traditional public schools and strong communities are interwoven because traditional public schools are the social and cultural centers of communities and often among the largest employer that fuel the local economic engines.
… will stand strong against policies encouraging emigration of students and diversion of tax dollars to for-profit, inferior charter schools that undermine the traditional common public school system and weaken our communities.
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