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Social Networking as Professional Development

Social Networking as Professional Development

More and more, educators are using online social networking tools to connect with other educators across the country — to discuss ideas, share experiences, and get answers to questions. Increasingly educators are using these connections for professional development. Some formal programs have developed, such as those offered by Classroom 2.0, but educators are also documenting their participation in professional online social networks like the English Companion Ning, demonstrating learning, and being awarded credit from their state and local agencies. In early November, held an online chat with Jim Burke, an English teacher at Burlingame High School in California and founder of the English Companion Ning, and Karl Fisch, director of technology at Arapahoe High School in Colorado, author of the blog The Fischbowl, and creator of the viral video, Did You Know?, which has been viewed by millions. They answered educators’ questions and discussed how social networking can advance teacher professional development. The full transcript of the chat can be read here.

Did You Know video

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