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School Improvement

School Improvement

This section/article presents information, tools, and resources intended to strengthen your ability to engage in the school improvement process. It includes information about the Ohio Administrative Code which outlines the required procedures for implementing school improvement interventions. Also included is information about tools such as KEYS 2.0 — Keys for Excellence for Your Schools, recommendations for local associations, and recommended reading.

Recommended Reading

Continuous School Improvement by - Mark A. Smylie

How do you design an organization for continuous improvement?   Mark Smylie identifies and examines the research behind the following 10 important elements essential to improving schools:

  • Norms, Values, and a Culture for Continuous Improvement
  • Human Capital
  • Organization of People and Work
  • Distribution of Authority and Influence
  • Relational Trust
  • Accountability and Reward Systems
  • Capacity for Data Analysis
  • Fiscal and Physical Resources
  • Internal Management System
  • Leadership
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