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School Aid Simulations

School Aid Simulations

The state aid simulations for FY 2010 and FY2011 by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) are at the best estimates of the actual aid that school districts will receive. The Departments of Education and Taxation have both projected data on student enrollments and property values for the coming two years. These estimates maybe significantly off for individual school districts due to several factors including the current state and national financial crisis. Over the next four or five months the “real” data for enrollments and property values will be coming in for FY 2010. When the Department of Education updates the simulations with the new numbers it will help to bring the new funding system into much better financial focus.

Under the provisions of HB 1, the local share of the funding (the charge-off) is applied to the majority of the components of the calculations and the final funding amounts for some districts are capped.  Therefore, each line of the report does not give the final state contribution to the districts through this funding formula.  For that reason, the second part of the simulation identifies the funding components subject to the charge-off with their respective state share of the calculations and then provides the final state funding components after the application of the gain cap.

Click here to download a PDF of “FY10-11 Ohio Evidenced Based Model Funding Calculations for School Districts.” This document provides a summary of the various components that make up the Ohio Evidence Based Model (OEBM).  All school buildings and school districts are “organizational units” under the new funding model.  School buildings fall into one of three predefined organizational units. The resources for each school building in the district are simply aggregated into a total for funding the school district. There are a few components in the OEBM that are based solely on school district factors. Please note: this document only provides a simulation of the funding calculation for each school district and does not show the adjustments or the amounts that will be transferred to other educational entities such as the education service centers, community schools or other school districts through open enrollment, etc.

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