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Salary Columns

OEA Research Teacher Salaries: Columns

The state minimum teacher salary schedule recognizes the following four training levels: less than a bachelor’s degree; a bachelor’s degree; a bachelor’s degree and at least 150 semester hours, or an equivalent number of quarter hours; and, a master’s degree.

The data reported in this document only apply to those columns at a bachelor’s level and beyond. Therefore, for discussion purposes the state minimum teacher’s salary schedule contains three columns.

Only eight percent of salary schedules are limited to three columns. Thirty percent have four columns, 25 percent have five columns, and 36 percent have six or more columns. One percent of salary schedules have ten or more columns.

The most frequently recognized maximum degree level is a MA+30 semester hours. This is found in 38 percent of salary schedules. The other maximum degree levels that are most commonly recognized are as follows: MA (8%); MA+15 (21%); MA+45 (5%); and, PhD (11%).

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