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Resident Educator Program

Resident Educator Program

HB 1 created a new 4-tier licensure structure which took effect in January 2011. The first tier that replaces the previous 2-year provisional license is the Resident Educator License. Praxis 3 and the state-supported entry year program have been discontinued, and beginning Fall 2011, all newly licensed teachers must participate in the Resident Educator Program in order to advance to professional licensure

Mentor Information

  • All teachers who are currently teaching under a 2-year provisional license are required to complete the one-year Resident Educator Transition Program in 2010-2011 in order to transition to a five-year professional educator license.
  • Local districts are responsible for supporting the four-year Resident Educator Program by providing instructional mentors and time for mentors and mentees to work together.
  • All instructional mentors in the Resident Educator Program must be trained and certified by ODE’s state trainers, regardless of previous mentoring experience or training. The ODE training will focus on the use of the required formative assessment tools and the use of the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession in the mentoring process.
  • Local districts are responsible for arranging for instructional mentors to attend a 1- or 2-day state-sponsored regional training session.
  • Instructional mentors will be required to sign the license application form, along with the beginning teacher and the superintendent.

Training Information

  • Registration is available through STARS (Professional Development and Technical Assistance System) on the ODE website.

Additional Program Information

Suggestions for Local Associations

  • Review all the documentation related to the Resident Educator Program and any current mentoring language you have in your contract to be sure there is compatibility
  • Take an active role in the mentor selection process and locate regional mentor training sessions and follow up to be sure all mentors receive required state training
  • Advocate for district support of mentors and mentees, particularly in terms of time to meet and work together


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