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Recommendations for Local Associations
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Recommendations for Local Associations

As you assess your engagement in the decision making process of school improvement, you should insist that members have an active role in school improvement planning. One way to do this is to make sure members are represented on the school improvement teams. The Association should also have an internal dialogue about critical school improvement issues. This dialogue should address the following questions:1

  • What is our mission and how does it relate to school improvement?
  • What are our school improvement goals?
  • Who are our customers and what do they want from public education?
  • What would it take for them to support public education?
  • What strategies and processes need to be in place to help us achieve our goals?
  • What human resources, materials, expertise, information, assessments, and training do we need in order to assist low-performing schools?
  • How can we assess our progress?


1 Making Low-Performing Schools a Priority: An Association Resource Guide, National Education Association (NEA), 2002

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