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Practical Advice for Members

Practical Advice for Members

Based on cases we have encountered over the past few years, we have compiled this list of “do’s and don’ts” for members.

  1. Always take an Association Representative into a meeting with you if an administrator has directed you to a meeting. Let the Association know as soon as possible the meeting has been scheduled.
  2. Never sign anything until you have discussed your situation with an Association Representative.
  3. Never resign! The Association is here to help and protect members. This becomes difficult once you tender a letter of resignation (although it’s technically not official until the Board acts on it).
  4. Never talk to Children Services without talking to your Association President.
  5. Never stay after school to help or tutor a student and not tell someone in your building that’s what you are doing.
  6. Never send personal email messages to students. Something as innocent as “I missed you in school today” can be misconstrued and looked at differently on paper. Never, ever send jokes of any nature.
  7. Never transport a student in your personal vehicle.
  8. Never send or receive pornographic, obscene, or off-color jokes on school email. If a student or someone else sends to you unsolicited off-color or pornographic materials tell the building principal and ask for assistance in getting rid of it.
  9. Never use email to order items or review your personal home email during the school day. It is critical that you are aware of your school policy regarding email, school computers, and personal use.
  10. Always keep off-color language in check. “It sucks” may be acceptable among your after school crowd; it is not acceptable among the PTO/employer/colleague crowd.
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