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Ohio School District Budget Reductions Simulation

Ohio School District Budget Reductions Simulation

Ohio is facing the most severe financial crisis in decades and, unfortunately, public education could be hit hard.  The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that Governor Stickland's plan—to use the revenue from Video Lottery Terminals to close an $851 million gap in the budget—would have to be put to a vote in November 2010. This means public education will need to be significantly cut in order to make up that $851 million budget deficit. To make matters worse, the enormous cuts in education needed to close the deficit would jeopardize $2.3 billion in federal stimulus funds for Ohio’s public schools.

Faced with the untenable choice between cutting funding to public schools, raising taxes or delaying the final year of an income tax reduction in order to balance the budget, the Governor proposed delaying an income tax reduction to spare our education system from such drastic cuts. (it should be noted that this is NOT a tax increase and Ohio has the lowest tax rates in the Midwest.)

In order to understand the magnitude of the cuts to public education that would need to be made if the tax increase is not delayed, OEA has created a chart specifying how much each school district would have to cut due to the loss of Video Lottery Terminal Revenue and Federal Stimulus Funds. Click here to find out your district’s funding loss.

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