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OEA Representative Assembly

Spring 2015 OEA Representative Assembly - Delegate Information

The Spring Representative Assembly will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, May 8 and Saturday, May 9,
at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Ballrooms 1-3

OEA’s Delegate Confirmation Mailing Post Card for the OEA Spring 2015 Representative Assembly (RA) was sent to all delegates.  The following documents are for your information:

If you have any questions regarding the OEA RA post card or confirmation mailing please contact Carol Price, Conference and Elections Coordinator at (800) 282-1500, ext. 3169 or via email at

Guest Speaker - Lily Eskelsen García, NEA President

Lily Eskelsen García is president of the National Education Association, the nation’s largest labor union. Lily began her career in education as a school lunch lady and now leads a professional association of three million educators — she is the first Latina to lead the NEA and one of the country’s most influential Hispanic educators.

Prior to assuming the top post, Lily served two terms as NEA Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. She became a vocal critic of the standardized testing movement and raised alarms on the outsize role that testing is playing in public education: taking over the time students spend in the classroom, being used as a weapon against their teachers, and distracting from real problem of inequality.

Her new role is an extension of her teaching days in Utah. She was named Utah Teacher of the Year in 1989 after nine years in the classroom. She also worked with homeless children and gifted children; as a mentor for student teachers; and as a peer assistance team leader at Orchard Elementary School in the suburbs of Salt Lake City.

In 1998 she attempted to put her 20 years of experience working with small children to practical use by becoming her party’s nominee for the U.S. Congress. The rookie effort didn’t work out but she made her mark: she was the first Hispanic to run for Congress in her state and earned 45 percent of the vote against the incumbent.

Lily is a sought after speaker and has keynoted hundreds of education events across the country, earning her recognition by Education World in their "Best Conference Speakers" edition. She also blogs at "Lily’s Blackboard" bringing a teacher’s voice to topical education issues. Her advice has been published in Parenting magazine and she has been featured on MSNBC, CNN en Español and as the noble opposition on Fox & Friends.

Lily believes in the sacred duty of all educators to be professionals and to care for the whole student - mind, body and character — no matter how students arrive and no matter their learning conditions, their home conditions or their health conditions. And she believes that professionalism carries the responsibility to take action, individually and collectively, to fight to make the promise of public education a reality and to prepare the whole and happy child to succeed in becoming a whole and happy adult.

Lily is a graduate of the University of Utah, graduating magna cum laude in elementary education and later earning her master’s degree in instructional technology.

OEA 2014 Read Across America Video Contest Winner

RA Delegates passed New Business items; Suspend High-Stakes decisions tied to testing for three years

Delegates to the OEA 2014 Spring Representative Assembly demonstrated their serious concern for the state of public education in Ohio through their debate and action on numerous New Business Items, including a unanimous vote to support proposed legislation that would hit the pause button on all state-imposed high-stakes decisions based on student test results in the implementation of Ohio’s New Learning Standards.  

At the RA, delegates passed the following New Business Items:

§  SP-2014-01 — The OEA shall propose and organize support for legislation to implement a three-year suspension on all high-stakes decisions tied to student standardized test results beginning with the 2014-2015 school year.

§  SP-2014-02 — The OEA shall work with external partners to organize an information campaign to raise public awareness of failing for-profit charter schools in Ohio. Using existing research, communications, lobbying and organizing resources, the campaign will highlight the negative financial and academic impact of such schools on Ohio’s taxpayers, school districts, public school employees, and students. The goal of the campaign will be to support the election of pro-public education candidates to office and build public support for legislation that stems the flow of funds from traditional public schools to lower performing charter schools.

§  SP-2014-03 — The OEA, working through the delegates to the Spring 2014 Representative Assembly and its affiliates, shall encourage local boards of education to adopt resolutions in support of preserving the “thorough and efficient” provision of Article VI, Section 2 of the Ohio Constitution and advocating for constitutional language that strengthens the fundamental right to high quality educational opportunities for every Ohio student.

§  SP-2014-05 — OEA will perform a study to establish 3/4 time dues for members.

§  SP-2014-07 — OEA will publicly support the Network for Public Education (NPE) in their pursuit of ending high-stakes testing and the use of test scores to evaluate schools and teachers. Specifically, OEA support NPE’s call for congressional hearings on the overuse and misuse of testing in our public schools.

§  SP-2014-09 — OEA will form an advisory committee to expand and deepen our relationship with other labor groups and organizations. The committee would coordinate our efforts to support labor projects and initiatives necessary to promote and protect all workers in Ohio.

Delegates referred New Business Item SP-2014-04 to the OEA Legislative Committee: The OEA supports developing a strategy to strengthen Ohio Operating Standards 3301-35-05, Faculty and Staff Focus, (A) (4) to include the following service personnel: school counselor, library media specialist, school nurse, school social worker, art teacher, music teacher, and physical education teacher in accordance with OEA’s legislative policy, resolutions and/or standards.

What is the Representative Assembly?

The Representative Assembly (RA) is the policy-making body of the Association. The OEA RA meets semi-annually in the fall and spring in Columbus, OH to establish Association policies and objectives, elect officers, establish dues, adopt Association budget, adopt/evaluate a legislative program, act on resolutions, act on new business items and conduct necessary business. The RA is comprised of members who have been elected as delegates to represent their local associations. Any member is welcome to attend the OEA RA as a guest, but only duly elected and reported delegates may debate and vote according to OEA Constitution and Bylaws provisions or policy.

Future Representative Assembly Dates

May 8-9, 2015
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Ballrooms 1-2-3
400 N. High St.
Columbus, OH

NEA RA 2015
July 1-6, 2015
Orlando, FL

December 5, 2015
Jerome Schottenstein Center
555 Borror Dr.
Columbus, OH

May 13-14, 2016
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Ballrooms 1-2-3
400 N. High St.
Columbus, OH

NEA RA 2015
July 3-8, 2016
Washington, DC

December 3, 2016
Jerome Schottenstein Center
555 Borror Dr.
Columbus, OH

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