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OEA-Retired membership includes many programs and events

Visit our new website at: OEA-R.OHEA.US


OEA-Retired membership offers a number of programs for those interested in mentoring, political action or participation in OEA and NEA issues and conferences.

The Intergenerational Mentoring Program is a collaborative project between OEA-R and the OSEA with support from OEA and NEA. The program pairs retirees with students working toward a degree in education.

The Intergenerational Mentoring Program is designed to help student teachers and new teachers as they finish their studies and move into their first year of teaching. Scroll down the page to see the latest mentoring brochures.

OEA-R activities include a fall conference in Columbus and a spring conference held in one of the four OEA regions. The 2014 Spring Conference was held on May 15th in Zanesville. The 2014 Fall Conference will be held on September 10th at the STRS Building in Columbus. Click here for the registration form.

OEA-R Mentoring Brochures

Below are the two OEA-R Mentoring Brochures. One is for OEA-R members and one is for OEA Students members.

Brochures include an application form to register for the program.

OEA-R Member Brochure

Student Brochure

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