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OEA Headquarters Staff

OEA HQ Staff Listing

OEA Headquarters
225 East Broad Street
P.O. Box 2550
Columbus, OH 43216
Main Phone Number: 614/228-4526
Toll Free (in Ohio): 800/282-1500
Main Fax Number: 614/228-8771

Claire Nance, Receptionist/Clerical Assistant

Sheryl Mathis, Executive Director
               Tina O’Donnell, Mgr of Administrative Services–Operations

Susan Babcock, Assistant Executive Director–Strat. & Workforce Planning
Parry Norris, Assistant Executive Director–Field
Kristy Spires, Assistant Executive Director–Business Services

               General Counsel
               Linda Fiely, General Counsel
               Vacant, Legal Executive Assistant
               Angela Thum, Legal Secretary

               Executive Offices
               Tina O’Donnell, Mgr of Administrative Services–Operations
               Carol Price, Conference & Elections Coordinator
               Briana McKay, Mgr of Administrative Services–Governance
               Darlene Hebert, Administrative Secretary
               Lori Gray, Administrative Assistant

Susan Babcock, Assistant Executive Director–SWP
               Dana Mayfield, Executive Assistant
               Human Resources
Susan Babcock, Assistant Executive Director-SWP
               Dawn Elias, Human Resources Administrator

Kristy Spires, Assistant Executive Director–Business Services
              Davy Kenimer, Executive Assistant

Joe Cohagen, Controller
              JoLynn Austin, Staff Accountant I
              Patty Brown, Staff Accountant II
              Danielle Chute, Staff Accountant II
              Dave Hill, Accounting Assistant
              Nate Linton, Staff Accountant I
              Shawn Primm, Staff Accountant II
              Lisa Williams-Willcut, Accounting Assistant

                            Printing and Mailing
                            Joe Cohagen, Controller
                            Michael Owens, Printing & Mailing Specialist
               James Capehart, Director of Membership
               Vacant, Membership Staff Acct II
               Terri Kaliszak, Membership Technician
                Trinka Keers, Membership Coordinator
               Sandy Tackett, Membership Specialist
               Deborah Winters, Membership Specialist

               David Williams, Director of Govt Relations, Comm. & Mrktng
               Julie Newhall, Magazine Editor
               Michele Prater, Media Relations Consultant
               Dinica Quesada, Communications Specialist
               Gail Botz, Communications Technician

               Education Policy Research & Member Advocacy
               Patty Nyquist, Director of EPR&MA
               Ellen Adornetto, Education Reform Consultant
               Nick Gurich, Education Research Development Consultant
               Demetrice Davis, Education Reform Consultant
               Vacant, Collective Bargaining Consultant
               Daria DeNoia, Education Reform Consultant
               Todd Jaeck, Membership Consultant
               Matt Whitman, Education Research Development Consultant
               Laurie Nelson, Administrative Assistant
               Kelli Shealy, Research Technician
               Laura Simonini, Research Technician
               Government Relations
               David Williams, Director of Govt Relations, Comm. & Mrktng 
               Melissa Clark, Lobbyist
               Robert Davis, Lobbyist
               Matthew Dotson, Lobbyist
               Russ Harris, Ed. Research Development Consultant
               Dan Ramos, Political Advocacy Consultant
               Julie Parsley, Administrative Assistant
               Lisa Simpson, Administrative Secretary                                      

               Legal Services
               Rose Keller, Director of Legal Services
               Deborah Gray, Administrative Assistant
               Pam Yarbrough, Administrative Secretary

                       Information Systems
                            Kristy Spires, Assistant Executive Director-Bus. Services
                            Mark Allison, Computer Technology Services Consultant
                            Alex Barbu, Computer Technology Services Consultant
                            Darren Clum, Computer Technology Services Consultant
                            Stuart Graham, Computer Technology Services Consultant
                            Jon Hart, Computer Technology Services Consultant
                            Brian White, Computer Technician

Parry Norris, Assistant Executive Director–Field
               Ric Castorano, Executive Assistant

               Region 1, OEA Headquarters
               Patricia Collins Murdock, Regional Director
               Joyce Stewart, Administrative Assistant

               Region 2, Zanesville
               Kristin Johansson, Regional Director
               Beth Hudson, Administrative Assistant

               Region 3, Hudson
               Jeanette Cooper, Regional Director
               Arlene Doubledee, Administrative Assistant

               Region 4, Troy
               Cristina Muñoz-Nedrow, Regional Director
               Linda Hofacker, Administrative Assistant

               Organizing (OEA Annex)
Andrés Becerra, Director of Organizing
               Jeremy Baiman, Organizer
               Makia Burns, Organizer
               Matt Ides, Organizer
               Bob Matkowski, Organizer
               Kathleen Edwards, Administrative Assistant
               Will Klatt, Research Technician





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