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Need for Charter School Accountabilty

Need for Charter School Accountabilty

Charter schools promised to deliver better results than traditional public schools and promote healthy competition that would make all schools improve. However, recent findings by OEA and the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) provide strong evidence that Ohio’s charter school program has failed on both counts. The chart at the bottom of the page compares the progress that charter schools and traditional public schools have made during the 2007-2008 school year, as reported by ODE.

After looking at all the data, OEA finds that regardless of the analysis method used, charter schools provides for absolutely no positive or even neutral effect. The OEA is joined by the Coalition for Public Education, a statewide alliance of education, parent and civic organizations interested in improving public education for Ohio’s children and increasing accountability to taxpayers, in calling for  charter school accountability.

The facts about charter schools:

  • 64% of charter schools on are academic watch or emergency status compared with 9% of traditional public schools
  • Only 12% of charter school students attended charter schools that were rated academically higher than the students’ resident public districts.
  • Only one for-profit charter school rated highly as effective.
  • Only 8% of charters were rated effective, excellent or excellent with distinction compared with 74% of public schools.
  • Charter schools posted a graduation rate of 30%.
  • For -profit charter schools received $291 million in state aid; overall charter schools received $640 million in funding.
  • Since the program’s inception, charter schools have received over $3.4 billion in state aid.

As for fostering improvements via competition, clearly demonstrates that competition from charter schools has not yielded the any positive outcomes.  On the contrary, the competitive effect from charter schools has been negative. The competition with charter schools over increasingly scarce financial resources has led to:

  • Larger class sizes,
  • Fewer resources to meet the needs of growing numbers of students with significant life challenges and
  • Higher levels of transient students

The education received at charter schools is significantly inferior to those of traditional public schools. The failure of the charter school program must be addressed now. Too many Ohio children are being left to chance by the lack of serious accountability. Too many Ohio taxpayer dollars are being wasted on a perpetually failing program. Nonetheless. traditional public schools, continue to outperform charter schools.

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Need for Charter School Accountability

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