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NEA Member Benefits and OEA ACCESS

With NEA Member Benefits and the OEA ACCESS Program, OEA Membership Doesn't Cost...It Pays!

Joining the Association is a great value.  Members receive a wide variety of services and assistance in virtually every aspect of advocacy, representation and meeting professional needs.

Another key reason for membership is the buying power provided to members through NEA Member Benefits programs.  With NEA's 2.7 million members nationwide, the Association can provide members with great savings and discounts, as well as improved services in such programs.

In addition to the comprehensive services offered through the Member Benefits program, OEA is now providing members with additional discounts through the Educator ACCESS program.  OEA's members can take advantage of a wide variety of exclusive members-only savings opportunities at thousands of businesses and services such as restaurants, hotels and lodging, golf and recreation, purchased services, etc.  

NEA Member Benefits includes programs such as mortgages, life insurance, long-term care insurance, home and auto insurance, discounts on cellular phone service, magazines, rental cars and much, much more - all available exclusively to Association members and their families.  Many OEA members indicate that with their savings from using Member Benefits programs, they actually save more than the cost of their Association dues!

For more information, visit the NEA Member Benefits website or call the Member Benefits Services Center at 1-800-637-4636.

For more information about services and discounts of the ACCESS program, go to the OEA ACCESS website.

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