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OEA Minority Leadership Training Program
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OEA Minority Leadership Training Program

April 22-23, 2016
OEA Headquarters

225 E Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43065

Registration Deadline: April 1, 2016

The OEA Minority Leadership Training Program (MLTP) targets ethnic minority members who have an interest in Association activities and leadership roles.

The training fosters development of an understanding of organizational culture, an appreciation for cultural diversity & inclusiveness, and the identification & demonstration of skills required for effective leader-ship in a multicultural setting. The training also explores the importance of minority involvement at all levels of the Association.

The 2016 program will offer the following sessions:

Emerging Leaders: (designed for new participants)

  • Understanding the Association
    Participants will study the structure and workings of the National Education Association so that they can better understand the various leadership levels of the Association (local, state, and national) and identify where they can increase their involvement.  Participants will also examine the relationship between governance, staff and program structures and learn how to better use Association programs.
  • Decision-making
    Reaching a decision, coming to closure on an issue, is never easy. This workshop is designed to help participants experience the effect of individual differences on various group decision-making processes. After the workshop, participants will be able to identify effective decision-making processes that foster effective group decision-making.
  • Leadership
    Learn to recognize and develop the six essential principles and skills needed to be an effective organizational leader.
  • Social Justice
    This workshop will empower participants to apply the principles of social justice whenever confronted with injustice (social oppression) in their workplace, association or community at large. And the workshop will help participants appreciate how achieving social justice in schools is a key step in realizing academic success for all students.

Experienced Leaders:

  • Organizing
    Explore effective strategies for recruiting new members or bringing divergent groups and/or individuals together to grapple with education issues.
  • Message Development
    Explore how modern advertising, namely message development, can alter public attitude toward public education; learn to develop print and electronic media messages that can be used for virtually any education issue; and learn how to examine various education messages for content, validity, structure and effectiveness.
  • Assertiveness for Experienced Leaders
    Develop a better understanding of the dimensions of assertive behavior; assess your present level of assertiveness; and hone your skills for developing assertive attitudes, messages and personal styles. Learn how to identify passive, assertive and aggressive behavior in others and how to give and receive feedback, including how to handle “put-downs.”

The training will commence on Friday evening and conclude late Saturday afternoon. There is no cost for this training and it includes dinner, breakfast, and lunch. Hotel accommodation for Friday night is available if you do not live near the training location. The registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. To register, please complete and send this registration form to:

Ohio Education Association
Attn: Laura Simonini
225 E. Broad St.
PO Box 2550
Columbus, OH 43216

Registration Deadline: April 1, 2016

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