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Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted Receives an
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Voters First and the Ohio Unity Coalition Give Husted an "F"

Voters First and the Ohio Unity Coalition gave Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted's job performance a failing grade to draw attention to a series of lawsuits filed against Husted and his decision to close early polls on weekends at a press conference held on September 24th outside the Ohio Supreme Court, representing Husted’s recent court defeats.

Deidra Reese, coordinator of the Ohio Unity Coalition, a group that works to register and assist minority voters, revealed a poster-sized “Report Card” for Husted, going through a list of issues on which Voters First gave Husted an "F". The list included Husted’s recent court losses in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus, where judges over-ruled him on issues including provisional balloting, weekend voting, wrongful termination, and misleading voters with slanted ballot language.

Tasha Jones, a mother of four who works two jobs, spoke about the importance of weekend voting. “In 2008, I went to church on the Sunday before Election Day and then joined my fellow parishioners as we went to vote. That was one of the proudest and most gratifying days of my life,” said Ms. Jones, “Secretary of State Jon Husted is trying to take us back to 2004 when his mentor J. Kenneth Blackwell was in charge, and we were denied weekend voting rights.”

“Secretary of State Husted’s job is to run smooth and fair elections. … Secretary Husted has failed us. He’s failed the voters,” said Ms. Reese. “Voters First and the Ohio Unity Coalition, like millions of voters in this state, have had enough. We’re going to vote YES on Issue 2 to put citizens in charge and send a message to Husted and any other politician who wants to try to trample on our voting rights."

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