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Higher Education Issues
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Issues and Advocacy

  • Academic Freedom
    OEA/NEA fights to protect Academic Freedom at both the campus and government levels, to ensure protection for the faculty and quality for the student.
  • Tenure
    Tenure is fundamental to the academy, but is facing threats on several fronts. See attached policies and articles on the topic.
  • Higher Education Funding
    In the midst of the national financial crises, higher education funding faces major challenges at national, state, and campus levels.
  • Adjuncts and Part Time faculty
    Colleges and universities are increasing their reliance on contingent faculty and staff, threatening major transformations in the nature of higher education.
  • Distance Education
    Financial and other pressures are increasing the reliance on non-traditional delivery of education. OEA/NEA is analyzing these developments closely to protect academic quality and the rights of faculty and staff.
  • Intellectual Property
    Intellectual Property rights go the heart of an academic’s self identity. NEA fights to protect creators rights in an age of corporatization.
  • International Issues
    NEA works through Education International to monitor and influence developments in higher education around the world.
  • Legal Issues in Higher Education
    Courts are playing a larger and more intrusive role in higher education. NEA’s legal department covers the major developments.
  • Technology
    Technological transformation has generated numerous controversies in today’s academy.
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