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The Educator-Activist’s To-Do List

As every educator knows, your work is never really done. All year round, your students are still counting on you to keep them on the path to a great education. They’re counting on you to help elect or re-elect pro-public education candidates, and then to hold those elected officials accountable for their decisions. It’s more important than ever to get informed and involved in local, state and national politics. These to-do’s will help you accomplish just that.

  1. Take action online! Sign up to receive OEA action alerts and the Legislative Watch.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Make sure everyone in your network knows that you care passionately about public education—and show them how they can help us defend it! “Like” OEA on Facebook and Follow OEA on Twitter, and share OEA’s posts on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  3. Check out NEA’s Legislative Action Center for analysis of federal legislation that affects educators and students. You can also access NEA’s Congressional Report Card and the Ten Golden Rules of Lobbying, a list of great pointers on communicating with legislators. You’ll also find tips on drafting effective letters to the editor.
  4. Last but not least, make sure your vote will be counted and keep your voter registration current. You can register to vote or confirm that you are registered, and check the requirements for voter identification, residency and early voting.

Do you have other ideas of quick and easy things everyone can do to get politically involved? Share them on OEA's Facebook page.

Adapted from an article by Amanda Litvinov / Photo copyright Moyan Brenn

Current Actions

Every day OEA works to improve public education for our students and our members. Our strength lies in collective action. With over 122,000 members, we can affect policy to improve public education for students and the educators who serve them. Letters, emails, petitions, and phone calls from you often make the crucial difference.


Senator Portman should do his job instead of playing partisan politics by delaying action on a Supreme Court nomination.

Members of the U.S. Senate can choose to reject a Supreme Court nominee, but to refuse to even consider the person is a dereliction of duty.  The Senate has a constitutional responsibility to provide advice and consent by holding a hearing then taking a vote on President Obama's nomination of Judge Merrick Garland.  But Ohio Senator Rob Portman is shirking his responsibility and refusing to do his job. 

Take action by clicking here and urge Senator Rob Portman and his colleagues to fulfill their constitutional duty by considering the President's nominee and taking a vote. 

Presidents serve 4-year terms, and the notion that the U.S. Senate should wait until after the next election to vote on a Supreme Court nominee is unprecedented.  Supreme Court nominees deserve a fair hearing and an up-or-down vote.  Both parties have always provided that respect to nominees. 

Tell Senator Portman to do his job, instead of playing political games by delaying action on a Supreme Court nomination:

Protect the teaching profession - take action on
SB 3

Senate Bill 3, currently pending before the House Education Committee, contains a number of changes to education law that would be bad for students and the teaching profession.  The bill would allow certain districts to hire unlicensed teachers, ignore restrictions on class size and weaken mentoring programs for new teachers.  OEA opposes this bill in its current form.

Please take action today, by clicking here to write your state representative and urge him or her to oppose these measures.


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