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Gateway Education Resources

Gateway Education Resources

NEA is a partner with Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) Exchange, supporting the Gateway to the 21st Century Skills website. This site combines state-of-the-art search technologies and a complete database of state academic standards for core subjects. The Gateway links to resources to make learning meaningful and fun for students. Go to to check it out.

Some of the benefits you can expect to receive from a visit to the Gateway:

  • Access to thousands of quality learning resources through the latest in faceted search technology;
  • Reinforce core content with learning from NASA, PBS, National Science Foundation and over 700 other contributing education providers;
  • Access to 21st century teaching tools, assessments, and professional development;
  • Access to the Achievement Standards Network, a digitized version of Ohio’s core academic standards.

The Gateway is a great opportunity for educators to expand their professional repertoire, exchange ideas, and individualize instruction. Quickly learn to search the huge collection of free learning resources by viewing a seven-minute instructional video found here.

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