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OEA/NEA represents 130,000 school employees in Ohio and 3.2 million across the U.S.

Building great public schools for every student takes teamwork!

Who hasn’t heard the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child?”

Providing great public schools for Ohio’s students takes the combined efforts of many dedicated individuals. The work of some people like teachers, librarians, and counselors is more obvious. But behind this important group is an equally impressive and essential team of support professionals. They are the support system in our schools and colleges, and they are truly indispensable.

Each morning, students are greeted with a warm “hello” and then delivered to school safely by caring bus drivers and crossing guards. Students are encouraged and inspired by nurturing instructional aides and other paraprofessionals.

Reliable food service workers are up before dawn to prepare warm, nutritious meals to help students stay focused.

Dedicated technicians and computer support specialists wire the classrooms and keep school networks operating so students can learn while accessing the latest information and technology.

Hard-working custodians and maintenance workers maintain a pleasant learning environment by keeping schools safe, clean and healthy.

Diligent security workers and resource officers keep schools safe so students can concentrate on their subjects.

Thoughtful school nurses offer care when students are sick and encouragement and comfort when that’s all they really need.

And, don’t forget the secretaries, administrative assistants, bookkeepers and other clerical workers who staff the phones, answer endless questions, register students and maintain correspondence and student records necessary to keep schools open and operating efficiently and within budget.

OEA is proud to claim as its members the thousands of education support professionals who team with educators to make the care and education of Ohio’s students their top priority.

Whether you teach, drive a bus, work in a school office, or prepare meals, you are an essential part of making public schools great. It is OEA’s mission to provide the services and support you need to do your job well and to fight for the fair treatment and dignity you deserve from your employer.

Why Join OEA/NEA? OEA and NEA help you:

  • Stretch your dollars with credit, loan, investment, discount and savings programs
  • Win better pay, benefits and working conditions
  • Gain professional development and leadership training
  • Be insured with life, health, disability, and casualty insurance programs
  • Receive on-the-job liability insurance up to $1 million*
  • Have tough and effective representation in job-related disputes
  • Voice your concerns in state legislatures and in Congress

*Please note: Terms and conditions of coverage are set forth in program documents. Contact your OEA Labor Relations Consultant to obtain additional information.

OEA and NEA ESP Programs...

  • Organize, represent, and support education support professionals
  • Let the local community know what we do for public education
  • Improve our access to technology through training, grants, the Internet, and educational materials
  • Help fight the privatization of our work
  • Develop research-based information to help ESP leaders better represent us

Contact your building representative, membership chair or the local OEA UniServ office for more information about membership.

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