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Early Career Teachers


The information on this website offers tips, advice and resources to help guide you through your first years of teaching.  Consult with your mentor. Ohio’s Resident Educator Program provides every beginning teacher with an experienced mentor and a program of support for up to four years.  Successful completion of this program is required for the professional license.

Early Career Teachers Web Sections

Helpful Classroom Hints

New teachers, as well as experienced educators, can benefit from tried and true tips and suggestions for everything from parent-teacher conferencing to acquiring materials to use in the classroom.

Mentor Information

  • All teachers who hold a Resident Educator License are required to complete the school district’s four-year Resident Educator Program in order to transition to a five-year professional educator license.

  • Local districts are responsible for supporting the four-year Resident Educator Program by providing instructional mentors and time for mentors and mentees to work together.

  • All instructional mentors in the Resident Educator Program must be trained and certified by ODE’s state trainers, regardless of previous mentoring experience or training. The ODE training will focus on the use of the required formative assessment tools and the use of the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession in the mentoring process.

  • Local districts are responsible for arranging for instructional mentors to attend a 1- or 2-day state-sponsored regional training session.

  • Instructional mentors will be required to sign the license application form, along with the beginning teacher and the superintendent.

  • Resident Educators must also complete an exam, which they can register for and take as early as their third year in the program, and it will be necessary to earn a passing score in order to qualify for the Professional License.

New Teacher Center releases teacher evaluation report

The New Teacher Center is releasing a new report, Cultivating Effective Teachers Through Evaluation And Support: A Guide For Illinois Policymakers And Educational Leaders, that explores whether a new teacher evaluation law – Illinois's Performance Evaluation Reform Act – provides sufficient growth and learning opportunities for beginning teachers.

While the Guide is customized for policy and school leaders in Illinois, its content may potentially interest a national education audience. The Guide raises important questions about whether teacher evaluation as currently construed and designed can adequately meet the learning needs of beginning teachers.

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