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Early Career Licensure Issues
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Early Career Licensure Issues

Praxis III has been eliminated and will be replaced with a new summative assessment.  The two-year provisional license has been changed to a four-year Resident Educator license that requires successful completion of a four-year Resident Educator Program before transition to a five-year professional license. As part of the program, resident educators are assigned a trained mentor, someone who has been trained to use several formative assessment tools collaboratively with the resident educator including a reflection and goal setting tool, a collaborative log, an observation tool and an analysis of student work tool. The Resident Educator Program replaces the previous entry-year program. The Program is based on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession and built on a formative assessment cycle. Mentors focus on instructional mentoring. Resident Educators also have responsibilities to:

  • Participate in meetings with mentors
  • Use the collaborative log, reflection, data analysis and goal setting tools
  • Complete any additional local requirements
  • Complete and submit the licensure application

After transitioning to a 5-year Professional Educator License, educators will have  to renew every five years with the equivalent of 6 semester hours or upon meeting the requirements determined by the Educator Standards Board, choose to transition to a Senior Professional or Lead Professional license

It is also important for new teachers to understand the purpose of the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct:

  • To provide the basis or framework for ODE decisions when ODE receives allegations of professional misconduct, that is, conduct unbecoming to the profession
  • To serve as a guide for conduct in situations that have professional implications for all individuals licensed by the State Board of Education, including
    • Teachers, principals, superintendents
    • Other persons serving schools – school nurses, coaches, substitute teachers

Click here to download the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct.

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