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Discipline Issues

Discipline Issues

The Issue of Discipline

Prevent discipline problems by getting the year off to a good start.

  • Learn your school’s and district’s policies toward discipline before the first day of class.
  • Establish classroom guidelines early.
  • Plan for plenty of instructional time and activities (as opposed to “busy work”).
  • Learn your students’ names as early as possible.

How to React to Classroom Disruptions

The LEAST approach is an organized response to discipline designed by teachers for teachers at all grade levels. It is a workable, commonsense approach to dealing with behavior problems as they occur in the classroom.

LEAVE things alone when no problems are likely to ensue.

END the action inconspicuously when the behavior is disrupting classroom activities or it looks as though someone might get hurt.

ATTEND more fully when a high level of emotion is evident. Ask the disruptive student(s) what’s going on and respond appropriately.

SPELL out directions when disruption and/or harm will occur.

TRACK student progress when following through to evaluate and reinforce behavior.

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