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OEA Core Values
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OEA Core Values


Our Core Values represent our Association’s most deeply held beliefs. They are the fundamental forces that drive us. They are what we believe, and they are why we act with passion and steady commitment.

Core values give us guiding principles. They form a solid core of who we are, what we believe and where we want to go — always forward!

The OEA Core Values form the foundation for everything that happens in our workplace and schools — and everything that we try to achieve in the Ohio Education Association.

We Believe In:


The foundation of a strong democracy is high quality public education, which is essential for an educated citizenry.

Collective Action

When we unite as one voice, we are strong advocates for learners and our profession.


A high quality education, accessible to all, promotes a fair and just society.


We respect and embrace the diversity of all communities.


By holding ourselves to the highest standards, we promote good citizenship and maintain the public trust.


Professional judgment and expertise of educators are critical to student success. Educators deserve the status, compensation and respect due all professionals.

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