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Ohio Schools

Ohio Schools is the OEA’s flagship publication, reaching the Association’s 123,000 members. The magazine explores the top education challenges—and opportunities—facing educators throughout Ohio.

Press Releases

For media inquiries please contact: Michele Prater (614) 227-3071 or (614) 378-0469 or email If you are on deadline, write, "Help, I'm on deadline!" as the subject of your email.


My OEA app

My OEA, the new app from OEA, allows you to interact with OEA, wherever you are, on your mobile device. It’s a great tool for staying informed and advocating for great public education.

Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media and your involvement in it. OEA offers many ways for you to connect with the Association and your colleagues through social media.



Portman and Brown: Say NO to DeVos

Dear Senators Portman and Brown, For the first time, we are about to have a President with absolutely no previous experience in government or politics. Given his lack of experience, it is critical that he surround himself with people who do have experience. Unfortunately, I fear that he has made some self-serving rather than country-serving [&#... [read more]
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