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Coalition Building with Non-Union Charter Schools

Coalition Building with Non-Union Charter Schools

Over the last few months, reports have come out about charter school operators that have mismanaged public funds, understaffed schools, underperformed academically, opened with inadequate or unsanitary facilities, and the list goes on. Unfortunately our children are paying a heavy price for these fly by night operations. The staff at these facilities is often afraid to speak out about concerns they have with the school because they maybe be fired for voicing their opinion.

Every employee should have the right to address concerns about their workplace conditions and to speak out about the quality of education for the children who cannot fight for themselves. Our children deserve quality teachers and support staff that is willing to teach at a charter school and willing to work to improve the quality of the curriculum so every child has a fighting chance to thrive.

OEA wants to work with charter school teachers and support staff that are ready to take a stand and want a voice in how charter schools are run.

If you are a charter school employee or know of a charter school employee that would like more input at their school and build a coalition with OEA, contact the Organizing Department: (614) 227-0046/

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