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Campus Equity Week

Campus Equity Week

Campus Equity Week Summit, October 26, 2013

Kevin James, Columbus State Education Association, President: "Benefits for all campus employees"

From October 28 to November 2, 2013, campus communities across the nation observed Campus Equity Week (CEW). CEW was first proposed to shed light on the exploitation of adjunct labor. The organizers of CEW wanted campus communities to discuss the place of adjuncts within the overall framework of higher education, and to explore collective bargaining rights as a means to address their exploitation. From its origins, CEW in Ohio has grown to encompass a broader set of issues facing the future of higher education in our state and nation including increasing student debt, deceasing financial support for public institutions, and the recognition that many higher education staff need greater job security and a voice.

Summre Jones, Columbus State Staff: "I support campus equity because education costs are too high!"

Broadly speaking, during CEW our organizers worked to encourage campus communities to discuss and investigate the labor, financial and pedagogical objectives of their institutions. During Campus Equity Week, thousands of Ohio’s students, staff and faculty discussed how institutions of higher education should benefit the public good, and aim to produce a greater society in which equality is not an abstract promise but a concrete social goal achievable through an enriched higher education. The OEA tabled at Columbus State and over 300 students, staff and faculty signed our poster supporting the goals of Campus Equity Week. Nationally, there were over 140 campus events, dozens of media stories, and thirty showings and discussions of Aaron Calafato’s play, “For Profit.”

Lori Beckman, Columbus State Staff: "I would like to support campus equity because part time faculty need same benefits as full time!"

In preparation for the week, we also strengthened our relationships with our brothers and sisters in other labor and community groups who are also fighting for progressive higher education policies. The Ohio Education Association partnered with the Ohio Part-time Faculty Association, the American Association of University Professors, the Ohio Federation of Teachers, and the Ohio Student Association to promote and coordinate Campus Equity Week events. Together our work has stimulated additional coalition opportunities in the pursuit of advancing progressive higher education objectives.

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