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A Teacher’s Open Letter to Ohio’s New State Superintendent

Dear Mr. DiMaria,

In your summer email to Ohio’s teachers, you noted that you find this to be an exciting time for public education in Ohio. “Exciting” is not the word I would use. “Frustrating” comes to mind as a better description of our current situation. You kindly asked for input, sir, and I feel compelled to give it.

JohnWilson-marginJohn Wilson
Greene County Career Center

About five years ago, the superintendent approached me about starting a program to help students to be prepared for the diverse workforce of the 21st century. So I created a class called the Global Leadership Project. It allows students to examine how Fortune 500 companies in Ohio use diversity to outperform their competitors. My approach, as a lifelong educator, is to create and deliver lessons based on real-life experiences that can change lives.

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